Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I or my business save?


We can typically save you between 2-5% per transaction, a figure that can run into thousands depending on the amount you are sending. Banks generate large profits on foreign exchange transactions by charging a fee and selling currency at the interbank rate plus a significant margin. The margin decreases the amount of foreign currency received and generates the bank healthy profits. As a foreign exchange specialist, we buy currency in bulk, working with live rates and get rates much closer to the interbank rates than the banks, thereby saving the clients thousands.

Why should I use Global Corporate Payments?



How long does it take to open an account?

Opening a business or personal account with us is free. Follow the steps on our registration and provide supporting documents and you can be ready to trade quickly and with minimum hassle.


What is a Spot Contract?

Do you require currency immediately or on the spot? The spot rate is an exchange rate to buy currency at the live rate, at the time of booking your spot contract and is used for immediate transactions or payments.


Why should my company use a Forward Contract?

By using a Forward Contract, a company can order foreign currency at a fixed rate for a specific date in the future. This is useful for businesses since exchange rate fluctuations can severely impact on profits.
We can offer several types of Forwards:
A Fixed Forward - we can settle your currency on a specific date in the future
Option dated Forward - we can settle your currency anytime between a range of dates
Multi Forward - we can settle currency at a fixed rate on several specified dates in the future


Why should I take advantage of a Limit Order?
Would you like to buy foreign currency at a specific rate which would be advantageous to you? If so, then you can agree with us that when a currency hits a certain rate, they will initiate the transaction for you at that rate if and when it reaches it.

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Safety and Security

We adhere to the highest security measures to ensure that your funds are safe and secure...



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